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The Beginninghttp://calcuttawineclub.com/image/pic1.jpg

The Calcutta Wine Club was registered as a Society by the Registrar of Societies of the Govt. of West Bengal in June 2008. It is the first and only registered wine club formed in the City of Kolkata.

There were 12 Founding Members who came together from diverse fields to create a common platform for appreciation of wine. Currently, the membership exceeds 60 members and new members are the Club has a membership target of 125 by end of 2014. 

  "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized."

                                                                                       ~ Andre Simon



The Clubs conducts monthly wine tastings where 3 to 4 wines are tasted by the members in each session. A knowledgeable club member or outside expert conducts the tastings giving details of the type of wine, grapes used, effect on the wine due to geographic, climate and soil conditions and similar relevant parameters. Thereafter, members rate the wines individually and the ratings are collated and averaged and informed to the members with the MRP of the wine in the Kolkata market.

Besides the monthly tastings, the Club members also have a number of dinner parties with wines. The highlight of the year is the formal Annual Dinner held in a 5 Star hotel where generally a 5 to 7 course dinner is specially selected and paired with as many wines.

Purpose and Objectives of the Calcutta Wine Club

a) To encourage the appreciation of wine and the study of viticulture and oenology for the purpose of sustainable resource utilization inan environmentally sound and non-polluting manner.

b) To undertake, organize and facilitate the holding of meetings, seminars, lectures and similar activities in connection with the appreciation of wine.

c) To promote the appreciation of wine with food and culture from around the world.

d) To establish, maintain and manage a library and database on wines and related subject, including the establishment of a website for the members of the Club.

e) To associate with organizations, institutions and companies with similar objectives both in India and abroad for the exchange of information and other matters consistent with the aims and objectives of the Club.