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Serving Winehttp://calcuttawineclub.com/image/wine-tasting-party-ideas-local.jpg

WINE SERVING PROCEDURE Whatever it may be: a sumptuous ceremony or a cocktail party or an event celebration with opening a bottle and serving wine, there must need some acceptable styles, decent postures and aesthetical manners. These all make events more presentable, admiring and alluring. But style and formality are not at all a matter of prior interest rather there are other factors to consider. Indeed,first of all you need to confirm about both the bottle and its accessories. Is the wine good, healthy or stoutly maintained? Are the accessories in good condition? Are the all the persons in a state of good health for consumption?


"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized."

~ Andre Simon


But when you have more wines to be served, there need some useful matters to weigh up:
  • White colored wines should be served before red wines for white wines are less tannic than reds.
  • Red table wines should be served at cool condition or in a cold room temperature. The room temperature should be about 65 to 68 Degree Fahrenheit.
  • Lighter wines come before more alcoholic ones.
  • Young wines come before more mature ones.
  • Cool wines are served before warm wines.
  • Dry wines are served before sweet wines.
  • Straight forward wines follow well-structure   


In very general, red wines are served at cooler room temperatures and white wines are best served chilled. When wines are served too warm they tend to taste unbalanced with an alcohol edge. When wines are served too cold the innate flavors and aromas are significantly suppressed. So, to serve your wines just right, take a look at the Wine Serving Temperature guidelines below.
Optimal Wine Serving Temperatures :
White Wines: 45-50 °F or 7-10 °C
Red Wines: 50-65 °F or 10-18 °C
Rosé Wines: 45-55 °F or 7-13 °C
Sparkling Wines: 42-52 °F or 6-11 °C
Fortified Wines: 55-68 °F or 13-20 °C
Furthermore there are some exceptions in characteristic mentioned bellow:
  • Less aromatic wines are followed by aromatic ones.
  • Sweet white wines follow dry red ones.
These are the common accepted wine serving methods followed till date. Only for your ideal pairings with foods, you need to check up if the foods are hygienic and have been made under healthy process.