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  • To bring together the wine aficionados in this part of the country as well as introduce more and more people to wine culture.
  • To impart knowledge on every aspect of wine like selecting, storing, decanting & serving wine.
  • To help read and understand wine labels.
  • Guidance to proper Wine & Dine methodology.
  • To share individual experiences.


"Wine in itself is an excellent thing."




The Vision Forward

More wine tasting sessions and wine dinners.
Promoting indigenous wines along with wines from across the globe.
Arranging vineyard tours all over the world providing exposure to the various wine-making processes.
Propagate the wine culture among people of different age groups and segments of society.
Recommendations of the wines are available in the Kolkata market to assist the wine buyers and wine lovers.


Few Words About Wine:

Wine appeals to the senses of sight, smell & taste, being prophylactic in nature, it act as an antioxidant - reducing cholesterol levels and keeping the heart healthy.


Wine complements most European cuisines enhancing the dining experience.